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Decade Boxes



\We offer one of the paramount Decade Resistance Box.  Our Precision Decade Resistance Box is considered as the picture-perfect example of modern engineering because it works faultless with the least consumption of electric power. Dependableness and lastingness are some of the hallmarks of our Precision Decade Resistance Box. We have abundant experience in the supplying of all class of Handheld Resistance Decade Box.



  • Housed in Power Coated Box and Zinc plated sub assembly
  • Rotary Switches with Copper Alloy with coin silver coating, with 20,000 operation
  • Components mounted on Glass epoxy pcb for long life of switch and components
  • DRB Range 1E to 10KE ( 5 dials) Accuracy:5%
  • DCB Range 100Pf to 1Mfd (5 dials)Accuracy:5%
  • DIB Range 0.1mH to 1 H ( 5 dials)Accuracy: 5%
  • More range on specific request
  • Non polarized Capacitors used in DCB, Wire wound 2.5W Resistors used in DRB, Pot Cores Used in DIB
  • Custom build units with 6 and 7 dials DRB/DCB/DIB  also supplied

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