Technilab Instrument

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Electronic Work Bench

Microprocessor Lab Equipment

  • Fully equipped lab infrastructure
  • OS / RTOS - Assembly and C code
  • Content for instructors and students
  • Meets and exceeds curriculum requirements
  • Support for mini projects in-house.

VLSI Lab Equipment

  • Relay Unit
  • Traffic Light Interface Unit
  • ADC/DAC Interface Unit

DC Machines Lab Motors


  • Load characteristics of DC series motor
  • Load characteristics of DC shunt motor
  • Load characteristics of DC compound motor
  • Speed control of DC shunt motor (Armature, Field control)
  • Swinburne's test and speed control of DC shunt motor
  • OCC & LC of DC separately and self excited DC shunt generator
  • Hopkinsons test on DC motor generator set.

AC Machines Lab Motors


  • OCC & Load characteristics of DC generator
  • Load characteristics of DC compound generator with differential and cumulative connection
  • Load test on single phase Induction Motor
  • Load test on three phase induction motor
  • No Load and blocked rotor test on three phase induction motor
  • Speed control of three phase slip ring induction motor.
  • V curves and inverted V curves of synchronous motor
  • Regulation of an alternator by EMF & MMF Methods
  • Study of DC & AC starters

Analog Electronics Lab Equipment

Electronics Circuits Lab:

Trainer kits and breadboards are used
in devices and circuits lab. Several
leading educationalists and academicians
feel that the trainer kits do not expose
students to the real underlying circuitry.


  • Structured power supplies
  • Workbooks, on-line manuals and data sheets
  • Ergonomically laid work center

Electronics Devices Lab

This electronics devices lab, which we offer,
is designed and developed using premium grade
raw material, which is sourced from authentic vendors of the market.

  • Network of simulation stations
  • Easily accessible verification boards
  • T & M Equipment
  • Practice tools
  • Superb performance
  • Reliable operations
  • Optimum accuracy in results


Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

It is a very cost effective way to learn -
Students can try new circuits and develop
design capabilities without spoiling the components.

  • Non-electronics students to learn electronics
  • in a systematic way
  • Authentic and consistent knowledge transfer
  • Students will get confidence to face interviews
  • and take up challenging assignments in electronics industry.


Digital Electronics Laboratory Equipment

Communication Laboratory Equipment:

  • Network of simulation stations
  • Structured power supplies
  • Ergonomically laid work center

Networks Laboratory Equipment:

The student can rig up the circuit in the breadboard and complete the study of the circuit.

  • Breadboard is an innovative product and technique
  • Practice tools
  • Easily accessible verification boards

Basic Electronic Lab Equipments