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Microwave Test Bench



Technilab offers High Quality Microwave Test Bench in X band and Ku band Frequency for Educational Institutions, S band, C band, L band Components for defence, Industry customers. . Our Microwave Test benches comprises of high power output source, sensitive detector diodes, Precision CNC Machined Waveguide Components ensuring constant power output, repeated results, System easily tuned for minimum VSWR/ max power output. Our product range also comprises of various waveguide components like, Gunn Diode, Pin diode, Detector diode, Frequency Meter

Attenuators, Slotted Section, tunable Probe, Detector mount, E Plane tee,  H – Plane tee,

Magic Tee, Cross Directional Coupler, Multihole Directional Couplers, Bends, Twists, Dielectric Cells, Pyramidal Horn Antenna, parabolic Disc Antenna, Wired dipole Antenna etc.,


Microwave Test Bench are used for study of Microwave Characteristics like Guide Wavelength, Free Space Wavelength, Cut off wavelength,  Frequency, Klystron Characteristics, Gunn diode Characteristics, Klystron Mode Study, VSWR, Impedance, Reflection Characteristics, magic Tee,

Directional Couplers, Dielectric Value, Power Measurement, Circuit parameters, Isolation Value,

Insertion Loss, Attenuation, Gain, Directivity and radiation pattern of Antennas  etc.,


Klystron Power Supply

Klystron power supply generates voltage required for driving the reflex klystron tubes like 2K25,2K56, K27. It is absolutely stable, regulated and short circuit protected power supply. It has built in facility of square wave and saw tooth generators, for Amplitude and Frequency modulation and External Modulation facility.



Input Voltage     -      230V+/- 10%, 50Hz AC

Beam supply      -      Voltage:200-450V continuously variable; Current: 50mA max.;

                                   Regulation: better than 0.5% for +/-10% variation in mains supply voltage;

                                   Ripple: less than 5mV rms

Repeller Supply -      Voltage:-10V to -270V continuously variable with respect to klystron


                                  Regulation: better than 0.25% for +/-10% variation in mains supply voltage

                                  Heater Supply - 6.3V DC (regulated)

Modulation-             Square Wave : Frequency 500Hz to 2000Hz;

Max. Amplitude-      +110V peak to peak, Amplitude and frequency continuously variable;

Sawtooth-                 Frequency 50Hz to 150Hz;

Max. Amplitude       -60V peak to peak, Amplitude and frequency continuously variable.



VSWR Meter

VSWR meter is a high gain, Voltage Amplifier tuned at the centre frequency of 1 KHz. It
is used for measuring voltage standing wave ratio, attenuation and total mismatch on the line.


Sensitivity                  : 0.2 micro Volts at a 200 ohm input impedance for full scale deflection.

Noise level               : At least 5 dB below full scale at rated sensitivity and maximum

                                    bandwidth with input terminated in 100 ohms and 500 ohms for low and

                                    high respectively.

Calibration               : Square law, meter indicates SWR, dB.

Range                       : 70 dB input attenuator provides 60 dB in 10 dB steps, accuracy +/- 0.2 dB

                                    per 10 dB steps maximum cumulative error +/- 0.5 dB.

Scale selector          : "Normal", "Expand", and "-5dB"

Meter scale              : SWR1-4, SWR3-10, expand SWR1-1.3, dB 0-10, expand 0-2

Gain Control            : Adjusts the reference level, variable range 0-10 dB approx.

Input                         : "Crystal" 200 ohms for low impedance crystal rectifier and 200 K ohms

                                     high impedance crystal rectifier as null detector.

A/C output                : BNC Connector for amplified output.

Input Connector      : BNC(F)

Frequency                : 1000Hz +/- 10%

Power                       : 230 Volts AC, 50Hz, mains supply


Gunn Power Supply

Gunn power supply comprises of an electronically regulated power supply and a square wave generator designed to operate the Gunn Oscillator and Pin Modulator.


Voltage range                              :  0 - 12 Volts variable

Current                              : 1 Amp. max.
                        : 0.2% for +/- 10% variation in the mains supply voltage
Ripple                               : 1mV rms
Modulation Frequency    : 1KHz +/- 10% (900-1100 Hz)
Output Connector            : BNC(F) for Gunn Oscillator & TNC(F) for Pin Modulator.

Modulation                        : Square Wave

Frequency                         : 500Hz to 2000Hz


This model comprises of an electronically regulated power supply and a square wave generator designed to operate the Gunn Oscillator only.



Microwave Power Meter

Power Meter  Upto 40 GHz Power Sensor  Upto 20 GHz, depending on diffrent models avaliable


• Excellent measurement speed at all power levels

• Auto Zero and dB Relative Mode Completely portable operating on internal rechargeable batteries that offer greater than 12 hours of operation and includes an internal fast battery charger

•Built in 50 MHz, 0 dBm reference oscillator

V/dB output port for:


A) Swept scalar measurement system

B) Auxiliary display and bus readings when used with a DVM

Specifications :-

Frequency Range 100 KHz to 40.0 GHz
Power Range -30 to +20 dBm,useable to – 40 dBm
Ranging Auto-ranging , 2 ranges
Linearity + 0.5 dB @ 250 C + 0.1 dB, 100 to 400 C
Accuracy,power reference 50 MHz, 0 dBm + 0.05 @250 C (NIST traceable) + 0.1 dB, 100 to 400 C
Sensor Zero Auto Zero(9000B)