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Measuring system


The newly developed force measuring system “KM-3” can be used in all mastication simulators from SD Mechatronik.  It allows one- or three-dimensional measurements of the forces occurring during the simulation. A prestressed and accurately calibrated sensor is placed in front of the antagonist. It  can be installed in a few easy steps in any sample chamber.  Depending on the model, the sensor  supplies the contact force of the antagonist, or additionally the force components in x- and y-direction during the lateral movement.


Using the graphical user interface, the measurements can be visualized vividly.


Additionally, the following analysis functions can be performed for each axis:

  • Automatic detection of minimum and maximum values
  • Zoom function for detailed display of signal ranges
  • Integral function for analysis of the energies during the movement
  • Filtering function in order to minimize artifacts
  • Data storage and export to MS Excel
  • Real-time display of all measuring channels for quick appraisal of the force conditions during the simulation

The force sensor, based on piezo technology, supplies precise and reproducible values up to high frequency ranges. The downstream AD converter samples the sensor signal with up to 8 kHz, thus also capturing equipment vibrations or alterations of the sample surface during the test.

Thereby, the user gets a powerful measuring system for the detailed analysis of the processes occurring during the mastication simulation.


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