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Microstrip Trainer Kit



 Technilab offers High Quality Microstrip Trainer Kit designed and developed  to cater the demand of Technical teaching Instruments to impart the basic theory of Microstrip concepts in S, C, X band Frequencies.And practical verification of Microstrip Circuits, Characteristics, and other properties like Resonance frequency, Coupling, Isolation, Return loss, Insertion loss, line Impedance, Termination, etc., in various frequencybands.It has an provision to tune to 0.001 Ghz resolution and display of Voltage Controlled Oscillation tuning voltage. It is very useful for introducing practical verification of Microstrip Components and their operation to students.  Our Detailed manual provides covering Theoretical background of Microstrip Components is provided. 


*  1.900  to 3.200  Ghz in S Band,

Microstrip Trainer Kit includes

  • Microwave Signal Source ( VCO Based)
  • VSWR Meter
  • RF Detector
  • Active Filter
  • Ring Resonator,
  • Power Divider,
  • Branch Line Coupler
  • Parallel Line Coupler
  • Rat Race Coupler
  • SMA Attenuator
  • SMA Terminations
  • RF Cables,
  • Patch Antenna
  • 5 Element Yagi Antenna
  • Dipole Antenna
  • Antenna Turn Table