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Microstrip Antenna Trainer Kit




Technilab Microstrip Antenna Trainer Kit has been specially designed  for teaching Antenna Configuration at Engineering Colleges and those engaged in research and development .  It is very useful for introducing practical verification of antenna operation to the studentsThe Trainer kit consist of different types of planar and Dimensional Antennas, Signal Source, Transmitter unit, receiver unit, Detector and Measuring device. Technilab  Micro strip  Antenna Trainer System also comes with various types of Antenna Mount Turn table as per customer choice as follows;


* Tripod Antenna Turn Table

* Microcontroller based Motorised antenna Turn table

* PC Controlled Motorised Antenna Turn Table


  • Sturdy Tripod Antenna Turn Table is manually operated by the user as a economical solution


  • Microcontroller based Motorised Antenna Turn Table is operated by microcontroller program with an remote switch for ease of operation with digital readout of degree.


  • PC Controlled Motorised Antenna Turn Table consist of an microcontroller based system for capturing, displaying, plotting/recording radiation pattern on Antenna on the Computer Screen. The PC communication is via RS 232 interface.




VCO Based Microwave Signal Source


VSWR Meter


15 Types of Antennas

Rectangular Patch Antenna

Yagi Antenna

Dipole Antenna

Slot Patch Antenna

Helical Antenna

Mono Pole Antenna

Slot Antenna

EM Coupled Single Patch

2x1 EM Coupled Array Antenna

2x2 EM Coupled Array Antenna

Notch Antenna

Sleeve Antenna

BiQuad Antenna

Folded Dipole Antenna

Wired Dipole Antenna



Microwave Power Meter (Optional)


RF Power meter is used for Accurate measurement  of power in Microwave, Microstrip Trainer and other communication devices in frequency range of 100Khz to 18.5Ghz and Above




• Excellent measurement speed at all power levels


• Auto Zero and dB Relative Mode Completely portable operating on internal rechargeable batteries that offer greater than 12 hours of operation and includes an internal fast battery charger


•Built in 50 MHz, 0 dBm reference oscillator




 Specifications :-


Frequency Range  :

100 KHz to 18.5Ghz and above

Power Range         :

-30 to +20 dBm,useable to – 40 dBm

Ranging                 :

Auto-ranging , 2 ranges

Linearity                 :

+ 0.5 dB @ 25.0 C + 0.1 dB,